Eyebrow & Eyelashes Hair Transplant Indore

What is Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

For obvious reasons, losing hair from eyebrows is cosmetically much more disfiguring and disturbing than losing the scalp hair. An excessive eyebrow hair loss is the result of repeated tweezing and the use of certain beauty techniques, like applying a poor quality eyebrow pencil. Other reasons of this problem are the development of a permanent scar or side effects of a permanent tattoo. However, with the new eyebrow hair transplant method, the loss of eyebrow hair can be recovered quite effectively. For this purpose, commonly armpit or chest hair are taken out using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. The FUE procedure remains the same as in Hair transplantation.

Treatment Procedure

Since the direction of eyebrow hair changes dramatically in different parts of the brow, so the most challenging part of eyebrow transplantation is to follow the natural direction of the hair.

Thus it becomes very crucial to create the required angle and direction of the hair to match with the natural hair-line of the eyebrow. Moreover, a lot of concentration is also required for making space over the recipient site of hair transplant. This precaution helps in letting the donor hair settle down in a flat direction and adjust with the natural growth of the eyebrow. In addition to this, if the eyebrow hair of the patient is wavy or curly in looks, then it becomes essential to rotate the transplanted hair. This helps the curve of the hair shaft to resemble to the natural curve and direction of the eyebrow. Another big concern with Eyebrow transplantation is that in some patients, the transplanted hair to eyebrows may continue to grow and can require regular trimming.