Face Threads Lift

In today’s time, Who does not wants to look young, attractive & have wrinkle free face but does not wants to go through any surgery or pain or take any risk & yet want it to be very cost effective with long lasting impact.

Is it indeed possible?

Yes, It’s possible @ Divine Skin Clinic, India’s most trusted brand in cosmetic skin treatment.

Thanks to our Revolutionary Face Thread Lift technique, which makes all this possible without going through any surgical treatment or any pain at very cost effective cost.

As human being we all age as a result of which our skin connective tissue thins, elastic fibers and collagen begins to break due to which deep creases, sagging skin, folds and wrinkles starts appearing on our face at the early age of 30.

What is Face Lift?

Face thread lift is a convenient and very safe alternative available today against the traditional facelift surgery, which used to be very painful, costly and scar used to remain till long time on the treated area.

It’s designed in such a way that it’s less invasive and it reduces the sagging around the jaw line, neck and cheeks area quickly with almost zero risk. In this procedure, special kinds of face threads are used to discreetly lift the facial tissues and to reposition the skin. You can notice very effective results instantly with almost zero discomfort & risk, yet at very reasonable in cost too.

What Is The Face Thread Lift Process?

The procedure involves insertion of threads, which is made of polypropylene under the skin on your face with the use of tunneling technique. This elevates the facial tissues that gets pulled and other end is anchored deeply in the tissues located above the hairline. It is inexpensive, safe, convenient way of treating sagging jaws and cheeks

Is there any recovery time post thread lift procedure?

In general, it takes less than a week time to recover post thread lift procedure however dermatologist suggest to use Ice for the first 24-48 hours which alleviates any swelling and help in lessening the discomfort. Doctor also asks to avoid any strenuous exercises for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

You might experience mild swelling or bruises on your face however these will eventually subside as its own quickly in a week or so.

What is the treatment time?

Generally such procedure takes approx. 45 minutes to an hour depending upon the areas being treated and total filaments that doctor uses. Before procedure topical anaesthesia is applied to ensure maximum comfort and almost zero pain.

Who all can take this treatment?

This is very much suitable for both men & women having age bracket of approx. 40-60 years. This is an affordable, long lasting and effective treatment to get off your sagging cheeks, jaws, neck or eyebrow

How long the results last post treatment?

Ideally you can see treatment results lasting somewhere around 18-24 months however sagging will return over a period of time hence it is recommended to have additional inserted filaments approximately a year later.