Moles/ Freckles Removal Treatment Indore

In Medical term, Moles are known as dermal nevi, which are basically a cluster of pigmented cells that pop up on the skin as black or brown spots. In India, most of the mole removal actually happens due to cosmetic reason but we must be aware of the fact whether it is a mole or something else.

In order to identify real mole, it’s important to differentiate it with skin tags, lentigens, freckles and age spots. Sometimes moles are of skin color or light brown, sometimes dark brown or black in color with different sizes and shapes.

At times when the size of the mole increases then dermatologist suggest biopsy test in order to validate it however if the dermatologist is experienced enough then he can clinically differentiate between Benign and malignant moles.

How Mole/ freckles removal treatment is done?

Generally there are different types of moles; whilst in most of the cases it is harmless however few moles might be cosmetically unappealing & could also be cancerous in rare cases. Moles can pop up on any part of the body. As you grow in your age, few moles disappear as its own and few others may change in their color or can grow in bigger size as well.

It is strongly recommended to meet the dermatologist if the moles start getting painful, itching or bleeding or increases rapidly in size.

Causes of Mole

Generally Moles are caused in the skin, which is called melanocytes that grows in clusters or clamps with tissue surrounding them. Melanocytes cells produce melanin, which is a natural pigment that gives skin back its color. Melanocytes are evenly distributed throughout your skin.

What are procedures available for mole removal?

Todays there are various methods available for moles removal however treatment selection is completely dependent size, shape, anticipated depth and location of the lesion. After through screening our dermatologist decides the method for mole removal which gives good cosmetic results; so there are advantages and disadvantages of the various options available for Moles removal: –

  • Does a precise incision in various types of tissue structures.
  • RF has the surgical versatility.
  • Faster recovery with less tissue destruction, & quick healing.
  • Very Low postoperative pain since it causes fewer traumas to the skin.
  • RF minimizes burning of tissues unlike lasers or electro surgery.

Electro surgery treatment is very useful to treat small and superficial lesions with good cosmetic results. The dermatologist recommends single or multiple sessions depending upon the depth of lesion

What are the treatments available at Divine Skin Clinic for Mole Removal?

Today Moles are a big concern for cosmetic reasons as they stand out on the skin and at times they have probability to become cancerous. It can be treated by a minor surgical procedure called electrocautery, punch excision or through Q switched laser. In some case combination of treatments are suggested by dermatologist to get the effective results.

What is healing time post procedure?

In general it takes about one week to 10 days for healing if in case mole size is large.

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