Photo Facial/ Laser Tonning Treatment Indore

Photo Facial treatment is a blessing in today’s modern age where dermatologist uses laser light to reverse the damage caused to skin. This treatment is also called as LASER TONING, which is one of the most popular and result driven skin enhancement procedures & very safe in nature and cost effective too.

Photo facial is also a kind of noninvasive aesthetic procedures for blemished damaged skin with fine wrinkling where solar trauma environmental trauma acts as a complete rejuvenator of skin without any side effect.

What happens during Photo facial Therapy?

Basically photo facial therapy is use of Intense-Pulsed Light to stimulate collagen, which leads to skin rejuvenation & leaving it looking young & refreshed. Photo facials which is done using LED and IPL varies in methodology and technology due to which it is recommended to meet your dermatologist / skin care specialist before going for this procedure.

Types of Photo Facial

LED Photo facials

This procedure is very mild treatment that can be easily be availed at certified dermatologist. People who wants to get healthier and younger looking skin are recommended to opt LED Photo facials treatment as this is one of the safest treatment available where neither this procedures carry any risk of burning nor patient feel any irritation. People going for this treatment must know that such treatment starts showing its best result only after 2-3 session but not immediately. This treatment very cost effective, relaxing, and painless and can always be taken along with routine skin care treatment.

Intense-Pulsed Light Photo facials

Intense Pulsed light photo facial is not a kind of conventional photo facial as this treatment which is a form of phototherapy & that is primarily used to treat cosmetic disorders of the facial skin like spider veins, facial redness and even brown spots. This procedure is only recommended under certified dermatologist/medical practitioner. Under this treatment a bright light blast is used on the areas to be treated, which may be painful and uncomfortable.

It is helpful in controlling sun damage and age spots
It brighten the skin and even out skin tone
It Reduces redness on skin
This can also be used on skin, which is overexposed to the sunrays like on face, neck, shoulders, back & arms.
Recommended for lighter skin types

What kind of Skin Conditions, which can be treated by Photo facials Therapy?

In general Photo facials are known for giving best results in terms of treating various facial skin conditions like facial redness and spider veins. Such therapy is also very useful in accelerating hair growth, improving blood circulation, Wound healing and blood properties as well.

Pre-Procedure steps, which should be followed:

Patient is advised to stop use of all kinds of exfoliating agents at least a week before the treatment
One is advised not to take any tanning treatments for at least six weeks before the treatment
Thoroughly cleansed and skin without any make up should be exposed to the light beams
If in case of men going for this treatment, he needs to shave on the same day; this procedure has to be performed

Who could be the ideal candidates for Photo Facial therapy?

The ideal candidates for photo facial treatment are patients who are having of pigmentation and sun damage/tan on their skin. This is strictly no for pregnant ladies and breast-feeding mothers.

Best Photo facial results can be obtained only over a longer period of time with a regular skin care and it is recommended to take at least 2-3 session to see visible results.

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