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Each Customer Is Unique So The Treatment Must Be Unique For Each One Of Them. We At Divine Skin Clinic Stricly Follow The Customer First Approach In Which We Deliver The Highest Standard Of Customised Medical Treatments To Our Customers By Ensuring Innovative & New Treatments With Our New Advance Technology Equipments And Highly Experienced Doctors Committed To Deliver The Best Treatments To Each Pateint.

We Make Sure That You Pay For What You Need, Yes We Believe In Offering Quality Service At Very Cost Effective Way.

Follicular unit extraction

We perform hair transplant using the latest ‘No incision, No stitch’ technique called FUE (Follicular unit extraction), for harvesting individual hair follicle units which can be taken from back of scalp, chest, arms or legs. This technique gives better results in giving natural look to your hair and hairlines.

Evaluate all your concerns and expectations

DIVINE SKIN CLINIC, first we evaluate all your concerns and expectations in a very personal and one-to-one consultation maintaining strict confidentiality. We provide you with all the information you need to help you make an educated decision to undergo hair transplant.

Hair transplantation is not only a science, but also an art

Hair transplantation is not only a science, but also an art. Thereby meaning that in addition to the high-tech infrastructure, it also requires highest level of skill and aesthetic intelligence . And that’s where DIVINE SKIN CLINIC scores a point.

International Hair Transplant Norms

1. Divine Skin Care is a one-stop destination for all your hair queries. It has the most advanced Hair Transplant team and world class Operation Theatre conforming to “International Hair Transplant Norms”. Our OT is equipped with temperature and humidity controls, reclining chair for enhanced patient comfort and special LED lights. These are cold lights and don’t produce any heat, hence no chance of any damage to the hair roots; a problem common with Halogen OT bulbs, where chances of graft failure increase due to the detrimental effects of heat generated by halogen bulbs of OT light. We use high-end surgical equipments required for the procedure including state-of-the-art, 3rd generation micro-motor of Safe Scribe System, USA (US, FDA approved) for hair harvesting and 4X eye-loops for magnification by Carl Zeiss, to name a few.